Vision and Goals

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We believe that every student is unique and wants to succeed.

We also realize that in this uniqueness, children have their own learning styles, preferences, and/or difficulties. Our experienced educators carefully assess individual learning strengths and weaknesses, develop individualized instructional plans, and work with your child’s special needs. Individual progress is communicated regularly to match parent goals for student academic success.

Not only does SOAR provide students with individualized instruction using the latest research-based strategies, it also provides up-to-date resources for parents to access and supplement from home, providing the best possible learning program for your child.

Our goals are to:

Identify the strengths and needs of your child.

Target and determine specific gaps in learning and foundational skills.

Teach strategies that can be utilized when completing academic and functional activities.

Instruct based upon your child’s learning style and pace of learning to achieve true academic and functional potential.

Provide support for families to advocate for their child.