A Parents’ Guide to Kindergarten Readiness | Urban Child Institute

A Parents’ Guide to Kindergarten Readiness

You are Your Child’s First Teacher

During the first months of life, your baby’s brain is developing the foundation for lifelong learning. When parents touch, talk, read, and play with their infants and toddlers, they help to strengthen early brain development.

A kindergarten-ready child has a strong foundation in Language & Literacy, Thinking Skills, Self-Control, and Self-Confidence. Positive early experiences, beginning at birth, strengthen these four kindergarten readiness skills.

Language & Literacy: When babies hear words, they learn about language. A growing vocabulary strengthens a child’s readiness for reading.

Thinking Skills: Children are natural scientists. Their first experiments teach them about the world and help them get ready for math and science.

Self-Control: A child who is socialized to solve problems through words, take turns, and pay attention is ready to be a good classroom citizen.

Self-Confidence: Confident children are ready to learn. They follow their curiosity and are quick to recover from mistakes.

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via A Parents’ Guide to Kindergarten Readiness | Urban Child Institute.

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