Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my child need tutoring?
We recommend a minimum of two hours of tutoring a week.  The more hours your child spends with one of our tutors, the faster he or she will catch up and no longer need tutoring services.  For students who are failing a subject, they may need more hours.

How long will my child require tutoring?
The length of time your child will require tutoring is dependent upon the student’s deficits, strengths and how far behind he or she is when we start working with them.  On average, most of our students require four to six months of tutoring.  Keep in mind, contracting for more hours initially may save you money in the long run because your student will catch up faster.

What is the hourly rate for tutoring?
We offer various tutoring options based on the services you want for your child. Please call us for more information that is specific to your individual needs.

Do I have to sign a contract or commitment to a certain number of tutoring sessions? No, there are no contracts with us.

What are my payment options?
You have the option to pay monthly or weekly. Invoices are emailed and you have the option to pay online with a credit/debit card or you can pay at the office via check.

How do you ensure quality tutors?
Our tutors are professional educators, trained in the latest teaching methodologies and curriculum tools.  Best of all, they are familiar with local standards and assignments. They can offer an “insiders” approach to tutoring with the goal of helping your child succeed in his or her classroom.  We do hire some degreed professionals for specialty subjects like advanced math, chemistry or biology, as well.   If at any time you are dissatisfied with your tutor for any reason, we will immediately substitute that teacher for one that better meets your expectations.

How do you screen your tutors?
Tutors go through a rigorous training and screening process through S.O.A.R. We run criminal background checks on all of our tutors and require proof of teaching certification or college degrees.

What if I don’t want the tutor to come to my home?
No problem.  We offer a variety of meeting places.  The S.O.A.R. office is conveniently located in Winston Salem.  The public library and pre-arranged after school settings are also options.  We do require that an adult (over 18 years old) chaperone be in close proximity for tutoring sessions.

I have multiple children who need tutoring, do you offer discounts?
Yes.  Call our office for details.

Do you offer testing at your office?
Yes.  We offer a variety of assessments and screenings.  Please call our office to get full information on assessments we testing offer.

Does SOAR offer any resources or advice for parents?
We hold Parent Empowering Parent (PEP) meetings quarterly.  SOAR offers presentations, seminars, and other resources at these meetings. The meetings are also held to help parents network with other parents of struggling students.  Please check the website for upcoming PEP meetings.

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