• $60 an hour for an individual student, involving tutor travel
  • $35 an hour (per student) for a group session (no more than 3 students)
  • $65 for 50 minute  Multi-sensory method for dyslexia (sessions based on the Orton-Gillingham method) involving tutor travel 
  • $10 travel fee, if session occurs outside of Forsyth County

*Call for pricing regarding specialty-area tutoring and standardized assessments (Psycho-educational testing, state-recognized tests for home-schoolers, etc.)

– Sessions involve planning, direct instruction, and reporting progress to parents.

– Tutors are willing, with parent permission, to communicate with your child’s teacher to connect information from sessions to concepts currently taught in the classroom.

-Open to all students, K-12, enrolled in public, private, or homeschool.


$60 an hour

– We offer an array of services including educating you about the components of your child’s IEP and informing you of your child’s rights within Special Education Law.


Based on testing

– Psycho-educational assessments allow for more precise planning when looking at specific strengths and needs of your student.

– Assessments give information about your child’s developmental levels, cognitive (intellectual) functioning, current levels of academic achievement, learning style, and memory.

– Open to all students, pre-school-12, enrolled in public, private, or home school.

-Our phsycho-educational testing results are widely accepted in our surrounding counties and school systems.


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