Questions to Ask a Potential Tutor | Tutoring Kids With LD and ADHD

“Whether you’re looking for a tutor to help your child with dyslexia, dyscalculia or another issue, knowing more about each potential tutor’s background and approach to teaching can help you narrow down the choices.”

Dyslexia: Programs help people read at any age | Prescott Valley Tribune | Prescott Valley, AZ

“School districts, too, are finding the systematic, multi-sensory program truly benefits its students with dyslexia. Barton is not the only reading curriculum based on Orton-Gillingham, a structured, sequential and intensive program developed in the 1930s. However, programs influenced by the O-G approach and research appear to offer the best methods for people with dyslexia to learn how to read.”

Dyslexia-Friendly Environment – Yale Dyslexia

“While it holds high expectations for dyslexic students, it allows reasonable alternatives beyond timed tests and text-heavy materials to demonstrate their knowledge. When tests are necessary, teachers allow extra time or provide shorter tests for dyslexic students in the class.”