Dyslexia Is Very Treatable. So Why Aren’t We Helping More Kids? | Cognoscenti

“The current school culture is often one of “wait and see” for struggling readers. Some schools erroneously claim that dyslexia can’t be diagnosed until children are reading or even until they are in third grade. Imagine the consequences if your doctor offered only half a dose of antibiotic to your child to treat a strep throat, or decided to “wait and see” what happened if your child got acute appendicitis.”

What My Daughter With Dyslexia Taught Me About Learning to Read

“I also realized that I needed to change my own attitude as a parent and a teacher. I started to open my mind to the fact that some children, even though they may be very bright, learn to read differently. I began to think about why parents accept or reject their child’s learning and attention issues. All of this changed the way I approached reading and teaching reading.”

12 Children’s Books With Dyslexia Characters You Can’t Miss | The Literacy Nest

“If you are a parent or a teacher, it is CRITICAL for you to step into the shoes of a dyslexic reader to know what they experience. When we do, we build empathy for children, which we could all use a bit more of these days, am I right? SO… I have an amazing list of children’s books which feature dyslexia characters or discuss learning differences.”