What My Daughter With Dyslexia Taught Me About Learning to Read

“I also realized that I needed to change my own attitude as a parent and a teacher. I started to open my mind to the fact that some children, even though they may be very bright, learn to read differently. I began to think about why parents accept or reject their child’s learning and attention issues. All of this changed the way I approached reading and teaching reading.”

Reading Comprehension Basics: The Skills You Need to Understand Text

5 Essential Skills Needed for Reading Comprehension from: http://www.ncld.org/types-learning-disabilities/dyslexia/essential-skills-needed-for-reading-comprehension?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ldorg Beginning around third or fourth grade, your child is expected to be able to read a passage of text, understand it and answer questions about it. Here are the five skills needed for reading comprehension. Making the Connection Between Letters and Sounds Once your child graspsContinue reading “Reading Comprehension Basics: The Skills You Need to Understand Text”