“Our tutor has just the right combination of patience, knowledge, and creative delivery to connect with my child in a productive way. Whether for EOG preparation or supplemental instruction year-round, she is the most talented and effective tutor to ever work with my daughter. I found her to be professional, committed, and quite charming and offer her my highest recommendation.”
Anne Marie


“Your tutor worked with my son to help close his gaps (starting in the first grade) until fourth grade when he surpassed grade level. In fifth grade, because of her help, he was a straight A student. Last year he continued at Paisely (an AG magnet school) bringing home only one B in all four quarters of his school year.  Her similar help with his brothers after him was invaluable.


I would not hesitate to recommend S.O.A.R. to ANYONE who needs a tutor for their children. Our tutor is wonderful, warm, kind, encouraging, and has a sense of humor and a way of being that endears her to adults and children alike, making her not only effective, but easy… and pleasant!… to work with not only for the adults, but more importantly, for the children as well.”

“I just wanted to share with you that Jacob received a 100% – A+ on both of the papers his tutor helped him with this summer.  What a confidence booster to start the school year off with for Jacob, he really needed that.  He is a little nervous because his teacher wrote that she looks forward to seeing more of his writings throughout the school year.  We told Jacob to apply what his tutor taught him and he would be fine. ”



After a first session with one of our tutors, a student came home telling her mom how great the session was.  Mom was impressed and excited with our tutor’s “completely proactive involvement in enrolling her daughter in Scootpad with assignments and sending her contact info home.”  Way to go Raevin!

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