When I first sat down with Ms. Donna and discussed my daughter’s admission to SOAR I was very skeptical. She was undeterred by some of the challenges that I was sharing with her even though I gave her a list of highly rated programs that we had already tried. Ms. Donna presented with confidence that she could meet my daughter’s needs. I wasn’t so sure.

My daughter entered SOAR as a rising 3rd grader, and I had made peace with the possibility that she might not read until middle school or later. At that point, all I wanted was for her to have a positive school experience and maintain her love for learning.

Not only did SOAR fuel her love for learning, but now as a 4th grader she considers herself a reader and is reading on grade level. It took some time but the staff at SOAR earned our daughter’s trust and worked at her pace, knowing when to push and when to pause. Her friendships, reading and confidence has truly soared. We couldn’t be happier with the love, support and education that our daughter is receiving from SOAR.

- LP

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